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The Dutch Collection till 28-03, 14:00 hours.

The Dutch Collection

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries within the pigeon sport, in this auction a collection of various Dutch top players. This is how we find pigeons from Comb. v. Panhuis from “Che Junior” & “Dirty Harry”. Leon Dautzenberg, Anton Ruitenberg with a direct son “781”, super breeder and son famous “Bliksem” and paired to his own top daughter “Andrea 602”.

Also pigeons from Berth Knaven, G. v.d. Berg, S.D. Wierstra, R. Hofstra inbreeding to “Mr. Branco ”, v.d. Stouwe-Douna, Mrs. Snellen & Zn and 2 original Henri v.d. Berg, IJsselmuiden from “Beauty Boy” x “Yvonn”.

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