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The government has announced new measures to combat the further spread of the corona virus.

We prefer to help this situation and to prevent the risk of further spread where possible.

What are the changes currently for us and you?
* We will (try) to continue auctioning in less volume in the coming weeks.
* We will broadly allow communication by telephone and / or email to take place instead of “personal” contact.

Collecting pigeons:
* Only possible after telephone / e-mail with agreement from our side. So please don't visit us without notice! You can contact by mail:
[email protected]

* Pick up preferably via the courier.

* If you still want to collect the pigeon yourself, we ask you to pay the pigeon (s) in advance by bank and in this case to limit your visit to just collect it. (we will ensure that your pigeon (s) are ready)

* We will review everything every day and discuss any developments and adjust our business operations accordingly.

If you are not 100% fit, please do not take any risks for yourself or others.
All this to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect our clientele and our team.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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