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LOT 04: NL20-1105459. 100% Batenburg-v.d. Merwe. From "THE 631", sire to 6e-11e NPO Chateaudun, direct son world famous "NEW LAUREAAT", 1e Intern. Barcelona 25.382p., top racer and breeder & "Cindy", granddaughter "Witbuik 153" x "THE 399", daughter "The 068", sire to 11e-17e-31e-36e-47e-51e-77e-88e National, son "New Laureaat & Kleine Jade" & daughter "De Jonge Witbuik". 03/12/2020 15:12:42 € 190.00
Bon 02: L. van der Gucht, Hulst. - Bon 2021 03/12/2020 15:11:17 € 110.00
Bon 22: C. de Mul, Sas van Gent. - Bon 2021 03/12/2020 15:10:48 € 90.00
Bon 02: L. van der Gucht, Hulst. - Bon 2021 03/12/2020 15:07:38 € 100.00
LOT 12: NL20-1105467. From "THE 141", son "LUNA-MAY", 3e Nat., 5e Intern. Barcelona 17.094p., grandson "The Special One", 1e Intern. Barcelona x "INBRED SPECIAL ONE", from son x daughter "THE SPECIAL ONE", 1e Intern. Barcelona 19.083p. 03/12/2020 14:24:18 € 130.00
LOT 05: DV0645-20-2191: ** INBRED SAGAN 2191 **, from "BROTHER 4x 1e & 2x 2e from "STRIK" x "SAGANNE IV", v.d. Bulck / Boeckx x "ALICE", Boeckx / v.d. Bulck direct daughter "SAGAN", 1e Nat. Acep. KBDB Snelheid 2013. 03/12/2020 13:50:13 € 130.00
LOT 04: DV0645-20-2200: ** BEST KITTEL - SAGAN **, from "BEST KITTEL 029", grandson "Best Kittel", 1e +4e Nat. Acep. KBDB, top producer, "Blue Wonder Mother", "KITTEL", "Sister Bolt" x "ADRIANA", P. Boeckx / Dirk v.d. Bulck. ", direct daughter "SAGAN", 1e Nat. Acep. KBDB 2013, 1e-1042p, 1e-524p, 1e-446p, 2e-1411p, 2e-667p, 2e-624p etc. 03/12/2020 13:40:35 € 160.00
LOT 04: DV0645-20-2200: ** BEST KITTEL - SAGAN **, from "BEST KITTEL 029", grandson "Best Kittel", 1e +4e Nat. Acep. KBDB, top producer, "Blue Wonder Mother", "KITTEL", "Sister Bolt" x "ADRIANA", P. Boeckx / Dirk v.d. Bulck. ", direct daughter "SAGAN", 1e Nat. Acep. KBDB 2013, 1e-1042p, 1e-524p, 1e-446p, 2e-1411p, 2e-667p, 2e-624p etc. 03/12/2020 13:36:40 € 140.00
LOT 04: DV0645-20-2200: ** BEST KITTEL - SAGAN **, from "BEST KITTEL 029", grandson "Best Kittel", 1e +4e Nat. Acep. KBDB, top producer, "Blue Wonder Mother", "KITTEL", "Sister Bolt" x "ADRIANA", P. Boeckx / Dirk v.d. Bulck. ", direct daughter "SAGAN", 1e Nat. Acep. KBDB 2013, 1e-1042p, 1e-524p, 1e-446p, 2e-1411p, 2e-667p, 2e-624p etc. 03/12/2020 13:36:40 € 130.00
LOT 02: NL20-1214256: ** ARIANA'S 256 **, direct son NEW TOPBREEDER "PIRLO", 1e Acep. LD Prov., 23e Nat. Acep. LD WHZB, 1e NPO Issoudun 3764p, 1e Blois 772p, 5e NPO Blois 4863p, father of: 1e-1947p, 2e-1703p, 4e NPO Nanteuil 3278p, 4e-4422p, 5e-759p, 21e NPO Peronne 4790p etc. from super couple "BLAUWE HENRI" x "FELINE". Comb. Lokhorst x 7e NPO Blois 4.863p, 20e NPO Bourges 2.565p, 48e NPO Chateaudun 3.493p, etc 03/12/2020 13:26:31 € 770.00

Anton Ruitenberg Special Part 4

Every year Anton sells a number of pigeons via GPS, normally we sell a total round at once but this year we are going to sell it divided into a number of parts and weeks. As mentioned before, he is also called the master breeder of Zwolle.

Now in this auction he brings back a number of his well-known lines:
"Bliksem 781", "De 581 son Bliksem" but also out of Son "Gladiator", Geerinckx, Daughter "Greipel", v.d. Bulck.

And as a special a v.d. last children from the “Jonge Harry”, top breeder at Anton's from the famous “Harry”.

Are you the next to succeed with pigeons from this grandmaster?

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Comb. Lokhorst

Father Wijnand and son Robert, the top combination from Doornspijk racing in department 8. For years they have been among the champions of this department and they do so largely with their own stock, with as standard bearers pigeons such as: “TORRES”, top breeder father of ao 1st-3rd-4th-9th-16th-16th-20th-21st-24th-36th-48th NPO & “PIRLO”, winner of ao 1st NPO Issoudun 3,764 p, 1st NU-3,985 p, 5th NPO Blois 4,863 p, etc. and now the new top breeder in the lofts of the combination (gr) father of ao 1st NPO Laon 5485 p, 6th NPO Nanteuil 5009 p, 4th NPO Nanteuil 3278 p, 9th Prov. Dizy 7,092 p, 11th NPO Bourges 2,820 p, 11th NPO Morlincourt 2,454 p. etc.

Furthermore, 2 special youngsters from joint breeding with E. Timmerman from "PRINCE HALLILUJAH", son of the famous "Hallilujah", Tj. & J. Elzinga x “JOUKJE” and a son of “PRINCE MANU”, ½ brother “PRINCE ESMEE”, 1st NPO Sens 4666 p, 1st Nat. Sector 4 - 8,762 p, 1st NPO Morlincourt 8,939 p, 2nd Nat. - 17,506 p. out “HALIILUJAH” x “EXCLUSIVE PAIRING”, out “Prince Esmee” x “Manu”, C. & G. Koopman x “JOUKJE”, top breeder Comb. Lokhorst, 1st NPO Laon 2,657 p, 20th NPO St. Quentin 10,734 p, 24th NPO Melun 3,997 p, 1st-1st-2nd-2nd-4th-6th-6th-7th-7th-8th-10th-12th-12th-15th 20th average 1250 p.

This auction consists of only 7 pigeons, but they are of the highest quality, if you are looking for something special, you should take a chance here.

Below a overview of the best performances:

1e Onaangewezen Afdeling 8 Natour 2020
4e Onaangewezen Afdeling 8 Generaal Snelheid 2020
6e Onaangewezen Afdeling 8 Generaal Snelheid 2019
9e Onaangewezen Afdeling 8 Jong 2019
3e NPO Chateauroux 1.920 p 2019
4e NPO Nanteuil 3.130 p 2019
5e NPO Vierzon 1.753 p 2019
7e Prov Chalons & Champagne 11.196 p 2020
7e NPO Fay aux Loges 2.903 p 2020
7e Prov Soissons 9.619 p 2019
10e NPO Bourges 2.820 p 2020
10e NPO Morlincourt 3.701 p 2019
11e NPO Bourges 2.820 p 2020

1,2,7,11,12,18,20 against 2.214 p 2020
2,11,12,13,14,20,21,22,24 against 1.851 p 2020
3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 against 3.652 p 2020

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Dennis v. Toor “Hooymans-Heremans” Part 1

Who doesn't know Dennis? For years they played at the highest level under the name: Gebr. v. Toor, Vlaardingen. In this auction we find a direct child of "Olympic Tamara", 3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat. F. Budapest 2015, 1st NPO Morlincourt 7682 p, 2nd NPO Menen 5799 p, 18th NPO Mantes 5438 p, in addition from the line of ”Olympic Fenomenale”, 1st Res. Olympiad pigeon Budapest and from the line of "Olympic Santa Ana", 1st Olympiad pigeon Budapest. many strokes also very well with the pigeons of this champion loft.

The comb. Kamp / Kippers from Rijssen 8th Nat. Pigeon Champion Young Pigeons in 2020, bred from a daughter “Jason” x “Lovely”. Are you next?

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Batenburg-v.d. Merwe & Jellema Special

In this auction we find the best from the breeding lofts of Tony Berlin, he brings a great collection of youngsters from his exclusive pigeons from “Batenburg - v.d. Merwe”and“ Jelle Jellema ”.

We find several grandchildren of:

* “Special One”, Batenburg -v.d. Merwe - 1st Int. Nat. Barcelona 19,083 p. 2015
* “Summerian Fighter”, Batenburg - v.d. Merwe - 1. Int. Nat. Barcelona 17,094 p, 2017
* “New Laureaat”, Batenburg - v.d. Merwe - 1. Int. Nat. Barcelona 25,382 p, 2013.

* “Roman”, Jelle Jellema - top breeder!

* "Steffie", 34th Nat. Perpignan 2019

And many more of the same calibre, for almost all marathon players this is an excellent opportunity for something special.

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Ingrid & Lex have decided to sell their total colony of pigeons.
(Also watch the video on the right of this site).

The reason for this sale is that the market is very uncertain due the corona virus. Partly for this reason, our great colony that has been worked on for years will be sold total.

Always we seen the pigeon sport as a hobby. Our earning profile consists of the auction site “GPS-Auctions”...

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Michiel Averesch Auction

Michiel, a fixed value here on GPS ... every year he brings out the best that can be found within the marathon world. The basis of this loft is largely based on pigeons from the German champion formation Freialdenhofen & Zn and only from the very best.

We also find that when inbreeding comes back in the pedigree, so great material to introduce into your own strain. As an extra, there is an original Luuk Becker from the best of Jelle Jellema.

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11 Top Stars

The name says it all, we have a combi auction here with 11 “Top stars”. With original pigeons in the auction from: Martin v. Zon, Anton Ruitenberg, Appie Dunnink, Arjan Spek (child “Croatia Couple), Stef Bals from Brother “Mr. Perfect ”x“ New Universe ”, Koen v. Roy (B) out“ Harry Jr ”x“ Inbred Harry ”, Jan Hooymans, Rudy v. Reeth, Geert Krauss out of “Dubbel Olympiade” and G. & H. Calis out of “Diamond Red 154” x “Dgt. Kausius ”. An auction full of quality.

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Comb. Kampert & Zn, - “Blits Family”, National Ace Pigeons

This father & son combination has great pigeons under its roof and especially the "BLITS Family", is a dream for many to have them in their lofts. Now they bring together a small collection of this top collection in an auction of pure quality.

In this auction:
- 2 children from “LADY BLITS”, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Middle Distance YBs 2018, 6th Olympiad Pigeon YBs NL 2019 x “ADRI’S BLITS”, 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Young Middle Distance 2017, 11th Nat. FCI / De Allerbeste Jong 2018.

- 1 Brother & 1 Sister: “LADY BLITS”, 1st Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA Ranking Middle Distance Youngsters 2018, 6th Olympiad pigeon Youngsters NL 2019, 1.-1721 p, 1st-1474 p, 3rd NPO-5104 p, 2nd-2689 p, 9th-4264 p, 14th-6983 p, 21st-12,644 p .

- 2 sons from a super couple: “SUPER BLITS” x “LIESJE”, parents of “ADRI’S BLITS”, 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Young Middle Distance 2017, 11th Nat. FCI / De Allerbeste Jong 2018, 30th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds PIPA Ranking 2017, 1st-2693 p, 7th-2389 p, 13th-2208 p, 14th-1622 p.

- 2 daughters from “BLITS”, 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Cock WHZB 2015 x “NEW DAFNE”, parents: 3rd Gennep 1808 p, 9th Arlon 1151 p, 1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds 2020 CC West Prov. 11, 11th Ace pigeon Youngsters Prov. 11 2020.

- 2 gr.children “SUPER BLITS”, grandfather: 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Young Middle Distance 2017, 11th Nat. FCI / De Allerbeste Jong 2017, 1st-5030 p, 1st-2389 p, 4th-8605 p, 1st-2693 p, 1st-687 p, 11th NPO 1975 p, 22nd Nat.-6383 p, 1st-312 p, 2nd -3246 p, 3rd Prov. 7396 p. x “OLYMPIC DAFNE”, 3rd Olympiad pigeon Brussels 2017.

If you are looking for reinforcement, here is the opportunity from a top family!

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This year we as GPS - Auctions started organizing a number of Theme auctions, spread throughout the auction season, “new” theme auctions continue to pass, the first theme auctions: “The Season start”, “The Collectors Specials” and “ The Super Result Pigeons ”, were a great success. Now in this auction there are a number of super “MARATHON” pigeons for sale.

The following enthusiasts have made their commitment and come up with something “special” for sale, such as:

1. Cees Nijdeken - Daughter “Zilverpenne” x “Brenda”.
2. J.T. Morsink - Child from Son x Daughter Flying Dutchman x “Romee’s Special 811”
3. Comb. Vromans - From “Son Romee” x “Daughter Jill”, Jelle Jellema
4. I. van der Rhee - from Son "Evi", 9th-10th-27th Nat. (son MG430) x “Gijsje 28”, dgt. "MG430".
5. B. Kastelein - Son "Powerlady" 1st Nat. Periqueux Sector 3 - 7,308 p, 7th Nat. St. Vincent 12,070 p.
6. Piet de Vogel - Child from “Deltamax”, 5th Int. Wet. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2020.
7. Mariska v.d. Made * - Child “Super Mario”, 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB & “Hestia”, 1st Nat. Bordeaux 3,569 p, 8th Nat. Agen 3,369 p.
8. Willem-Jan Tiellemans - Daughter "Julia", mother: 3rd-12th-13th-26th-75th NPO / Nat. 18th Nat. Ace pigeon NL
9. De Smeyter - Restiaen (B) * - double kl.zn. “Grand Cru” & “Cas”, 2 int.nat. winners.
10. Comb. Seelen - From “Inbreed MG430” x “Daughter Silke”, Jelle Jellema
11. Philip Geerdink - Brother “Pepan”, 3rd Int. Wet. Perpignan 12,339 p.
12. H. Wijnands & Son * - Son of “49th Nat. Narbonne 2019
13. Gerard Schalkwijk - Son of “Son Lady in the Dark” x “Lady in the Dark”, Best hen Europe Marathon 2017
14. Comb. Baas & Berg * - Child from "Tim", 1st Nat. Cahors 5,571 p, 23rd NPO Tours 6,565 p etc.
15. Tim Hage * - Daughter “Black Power” x “Tinkel Bell”, 1st Nat. Cahors 5,849 p, 9th Nat. Tarbes 2,217 p, etc.
16. Lindenberg - 2 children from “De Barcelona”, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2016
17. Jos Joosen (B) - Direct from the 1st Int. Nat Marseille.
18. H. Boertje * - Daughter “De Stille”, 1st Nat. St. Vincent S3 - 2017

* These pigeons are offered by GPS - Auctions

Part 1:
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Part 2:
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Part 3:
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Volkmar & Wolfgang Rupprecht Part 3

This German combination has a “golden” breeding stock, so they own several children of the famous “Sagan”, P. Boeckx and also from the best of Dirk v.d. Bulck and Jan Hooymans.

They sell a number of pigeons from this top collection such as son x daughter “Sagan”. 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint 2013. And inbred pigeons to the famous “Kittel”, 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB, Dirk v.d. Bulck.

Quality in abundance, for sale here. Who will take this opportunity?

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Comb. van Rooij

In recent years this combination has reached the absolute national top. With the so-called "TOP results" and national titles that they have managed to achieve in recent years.

We as GPS are therefore very honored to be able to do an auction for the first time. We find descendants in the auction from their very best pigeons / lines.

We see, among others, children from “Corvette”, father of the 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young PIPA Ranking 2019, “Blauw Bolleke”, mother “Zoë”, 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings The Very Best 2019, 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds PIPA Ranking 2019, “Sophie”, 4th Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NU 2014, 5th NU Salbris 19,742 p, 10th NU Bourges 15,104 p, “Rico”, top breeder! And much more.

Some topresults of the last 3 years:

10e Nat. Kampioen Onaangewezen Dagfond
5e Nat. Asduif oud PIPA-Ranking
10e Nat. Asduif oud WHZB-BOTB

Enkele topvluchten:
Chateaudun 3505 duiven, 18-41-58-173-203-301-394-734 8/8
(3e Grootmeester Afdeling 7)
Chateauroux 2383 duiven, 70-75-128-154-206 6/5
(1e Grootmeester afdeling 7)
Melun 3214 duiven, 14-15-16-63-68-95-119 enz. 18/13
(1e Grootmeester afdeling 7)
Rekkem 10179 duiven, 3-4-5-8-52-71-74-136-141-154 enz. 33/27
Peronne 6741 duiven, 32-49-53-58-82 enz. 20/15
Lessines 12316 duiven, 24-25-26-27-29-31-36-38-41-43-44 enz. 119/96
Roye 6983 duiven, 8-10-11-12-16-22-25-39-42 enz. 98/63

6e Nat. Asduif Jaarlingen De Allerbeste
15e Nat. Asduif Vitesse/Midfond PIPA-Ranking
15e Nat. Asduif Midfond Jong PIPA-Ranking
16e Nat. Asduif WHZB-BOTB Natour

Enkele topvluchten:
Vierzon 954 duiven, 17-35-83-134-155 6/5
Pt.St.Maxence 2163 duiven, 12-22-23-50-68-69-76 enz. 20/13
Wolvertem 2361 duiven, 4-8-25-29-31-38 enz. 20/18
Lessines 4006 duiven, 1-2-11-40-42-45-47-77-86-90-93-96-98 enz. 109/60
Melun 6383 duiven Sector 3, 76-84-104-114-161-218-219-221-222 enz. 19/15
Roye 6208 duiven, 2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-13-14-17-18-20-21-22-23-24-25 enz. 100/80
Roye 4620 duiven, 2-3-4-5-6-7-11-12-13-14-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37-38 enz. 77/68

5e Onaangewezen Jong afdeling 7
3e Onaangewezen Natour Afdeling 7
1e Aangewezen Natour Afdeling 7

Enkele topvluchten:

Sezanne 7303 duiven, 4-5-6-9-11-18-20-22-48-81 enz. 33/28
Pt.St.Maxence 6197 duiven, 3-4-9-10-11-20-28-34-42-59-61-69-85 enz. 50/39
Roye 8851 duiven, 6-9-10-11-12-23-89-92-94 enz. 105/61
Pt.St.Maxence 1319 duiven, 7-12-13-14-19-23-25-32-34-35-38 enz. 44/25
Bourges 968 duiven, 4-10-26-39 enz. 19/10
Vervins 11446 duiven, 2-5-6-7-8-10-11-12-14-15-17-28-29 enz. 91/82
Sens 1066 duiven, 7-15-16-18-37-38-46 enz. 40/23
Bierges 4643 duiven, 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-16-17-19-32-33-36-37 enz. 79/70
Lessines 7429 duiven, 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-16-17-19-32-33-36-38 enz. 74/71

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The Jan Nijboer Auction

Jan, who runs his own company and is an upholsterer by profession, but above all is the owner of a classy loft with pigeons. In 1993 he came into contact with pigeons and previously raced with his father under the name CH. Nijboer & Zn, which later continued under the name Jan Nijboer, where he lived in a true dream location in Daarlerveen.

For years he has been able to compete with the best, such as in 2019: 11th-16th-18th-30th-31st-67th NPO in the one day long distance and in 2020: 1st-5th-11th-40th & 67th NPO Chateaudun 3,115 p, 23rd & 34th NPO Bourges 5,762 p, 10th & 42nd NPO Orleans 4,243 p etc. In the last years he also won: 1.-1.-2.-2.-4.-4.-5.-7.-7. Nat. & NPO.

In addition to his own top performances, the search for “better” is always something he continues to look for, he bought the FASTEST pigeon in the World… “CABALLERO”, which won 1st from Entroeun 12,861 p with a speed of 143.26 KM / H .

We also find an inbred daughter from “Javinky 463”, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2018, 6th Olympiad Pigeon 2018 and winner of the 5th-13th-15th-17th-18th-19th-NPO etc and from his “Prospect”, 11th Nat. Ace pigeon "De Allerbeste" old pigeons.

And much more ... take a quick look at the quality in this auction.

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Comb. Kroesen Part 2

In 2017 a 'New start' was made at a new address and how… .. in 2019 she had a 'DREAM YEAR' with 22x 1st prizes in the club and 11x 1st prize in CC South East in Department 10. They won with that then also the championships Vitesse, Middle Distance, Young and Late Tour and what about the pigeon champions: 1-2-4-6-8-9-10 on the Vitesse, 1 to 7 on the Middle Distance, 1 to 5 in the late races and 1-2-4-5-7-8-10 Total ace pigeon, top results !!

Also in 2020 they stood their ground again and became 1st Middle Distance champion CC South East Prov. 10 and they won a.o. 1st - 2732 p, 1st-657 p, 1-2-3-4-8-10 etc. 499 p, 1st-1935 p, 2nd-2730 p and much more.

In this auction they bring a number of summer youngsters from their fantastic “Heremans & C. & G. Koopman Collection” and a number of proven breeders & racers, including “14-840”, father: “TINO”, 1st Ace Pigeon Club, 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2016, 1st-1520 p, 5th-2263 p, 7th-1737 p, etc. In addition, a full brother of “SUPER AS”, 1st-Prov. Isnes 7,167 p, 1st-1226 p, 2nd-2692 p, 6th-2871 p, 7th-9990 p, etc. which was sold for a lot of money in the first part.

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*** Bonnenverkoop P.V. De Postduif - Wormerveer ***

De Postduif Wormerveer organiseert haar jaarlijkse bonnenverkoop
i.v.m. alle maatregelen zonder de bijbehorende tentoonstelling zoals u van ons gewend ben ook zal deze verkoop alleen online plaatsvinden.

In deze verkoop worden bonnen aangeboden van:
Hard spelende liefhebbers vanuit een van de sterkste samenspelen uit Nederland de ZCC

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*** Bonnenverkoop P.V. de Verwachting - Tiel ***

Namens Verwachting iedereen bedankt voor de schenking van een bon of duif

Deze jubileum verkoop van onze vereniging is een jaarlijkse traditie en de opbrengst hiervan wordt dit jaar voor het onderhoud van ons clubgebouw.

Dit jaar mag P.V. de Verwachting zeer trots zijn op de bonnen die ter beschikking zijn gesteld, We hebben super bonnen afkomstig van de top van Nederlandse duivensport !!

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*** Bonnenverkoop P.V. de Zwaluw - Oldenzaal ***

Een bonnenverkoop van één van de sterkste verenigingen van Afdeling 9 Oost-Nederland!

Naast enkele bonnen van eigen leden, bijvoorbeeld een bon van de Gebr. van Langen (Beste Vitesseduif WHZB/TBOTB 2018), zijn er ook bonnen te koop van onder andere:
•onze Belgische sportvrienden: Ulrich Lemmens en Leo en Maria Broeckx-van Hees;
•de marathonliefhebbers: Benno Kastelein en Herman Borgelink;
•de allrounder: Arnold Paalman;
•de snelheidsliefhebber: Martin Weustman.

Zoals u ziet voor elk wat wils!

Dit is alleen een internetverkoop! Er is dus geen eindverkoop!

Wij zijn alle schenkers van bonnen dank verschuldigd! Op voorhand wensen we alle kopers succes met hun aankoop.

De verkoop vangt aan op donderdag 26 november en eindigt op vrijdag 4 december.

Voor informatie over de verkoop kunt u zich wenden tot:
Martin Blockhuis, (06) 30 60 35 25 of mail: [email protected]

Met vriendelijke groet,
het bestuur van de P.V. De Zwaluw Oldenzaal,
namens dit bestuur,
V. Bonnes (secretaris).

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*** Bonnenverkoop P.V. de Hoksebergvliegers - 't Harde ***

De Hoksebergvliegers is in 2008 opgericht door fusie van de Vrijvogels en Ons Genoegen.

De vereniging heeft nog een dikke 20 vliegende hokken, de bonnen die beschikbaar zijn van leden van eigen vereniging en leden van buiten af.
Hier wordt hard gestreden zo ook de kampioen 1e totaalsnelheid Gou H. Scheffel en 4e totaalsnelheid Gou Comb Lokhorst en Gerrit en Jenny Timmer Vitesse 1e afdeling 8 en duifkampioen en de liefhebbers waarvan we bonnen hebben kunnen krijgen echt toppers stuk voor stuk voor snelheid en zeker overnacht.

wij als bestuur en leden willen de schenkers alvast bedanken en de kopers succes wensen.

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De Sluiskilse Reisduif is een bloeiende vereniging in het Zeeuwse-Vlaamse Sluiskil. Daar word samen met de scouting het clublokaal gedeeld en zo geprobeerd de duivensport onder de aandacht van een breder publiek te brengen. Nu de jaarlijkse tentoonstelling niet door kan gaan is er besloten een online verkoop te organiseren.

Vele Zeeuwse toppers hebben hun toezegging gedaan, waarvoor dank!

Kijk ook eens op:
Dit is een online verkoop en er zal geen zaalverkoop meer volgen!

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Laat uw bonnenverkoop organiseren door GPS-Auctions.

De grootste site ven Nederland.

Dat geeft voor u de meeste bekendheid en daardoor ook de beste opbrengst.

En dat voor maar € 7,50 (excl. BTW) per bon.

Heeft u ook interesse, neem dan kontakt met ons op.

[email protected]
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