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LOT 06: DV01769-19-441: ** SUPER 441 **, full sister "526 Silver Lady", 1e Acep. District 700 members from "BLUE FOSSEN", direct son "REISEAS", 1e-1350p, 1e-3624p, 1e-428p, 1e-1376p, 1e-422p, 2e-1422p etc. x "GR.DGT. DE GROSSE", D. van Dyck inbred "KANNIBAAL", Dirk v. Dyck. 31/10/2020 03:55:58 € 210.00
LOT 03: BE20-6063740. "PITBULL KITTEL I". From "Double Kittel", son "Kittel-Bolt", brother to "Lady Bolt", 1e-1.189p., 1e-405p., 1e-222p., son "Kittel" & daughter "Kittel", 1e Nat. Acep. KBDB x "DOUBLE PITBULL", gr.daughter "Grijze Pitbull", "Dubbele Kittel", "Pitbull", "Superke". 31/10/2020 03:32:15 € 180.00
LOT 07: DV01769-19-1298: ** DER 1298 **, from direct son x daughter "POKERFACE", ** 9x 1st, 1e-4437p, 1e-3898p, 1e-1417p, 1e-1362p, 1e-1351p, 1e-1235p, 1e-1045p, 1e-2811p, 1e-678p etc. 1e Acep. Pigeon Master Award 2009 BRD, 1e Acep. Europa Cup Allround, 2e Olympic bird 2011 Allround in Polen, son "Champ & National 4" x daughter "FLITZER", 10x 1e & "the 442", 5e-2.686p., 5e-1.973p., 7e-1.458p 31/10/2020 03:25:27 € 220.00
LOT 18: NL20-1103157. 100% A. Ruitenberg. From "MISTER ANTON", direct from wonderpair "THE 781 & Andrea 602", gr.parents to 1e-2e National Chateauroux 27.593p. x "LUCKY HARRY", daughter world famous "Jonge Harry" & daughter "Harry", Jan Hooymans. 31/10/2020 02:46:35 € 130.00
LOT 04: NL20-1547121. From "INBRED RED BULLENS", C. & G. Koopman, son "Evaristos", 1e Sector Dax & daughter "Noel & daughter Balotelli" x "HET LAAT BLAUW", gr.mother 3e Nat. Bergerac 24.043p., gr.daughter "Jin Pao", "Miss Narbonne", "Uno", "Het Superscheel", 4 toppigeons !!! 31/10/2020 01:27:45 € 240.00
LOT 01: NL15-1736789. "MELIS", top racer from P. Mast, 24x 1:100, 1e-1408p., 1e-1316p., 1e-928p., 1e-880p., 1e-735p.. From "HET FENOMEEN", 1e Prov. Mantes La Jolie 17.741p., 14e Sens 4.747p., son "Luciano", top producer & "The 150", J. Stravers x "HET 362je", super breeding hen, gr.daughter "The 168", 1e Calons 11.853p., 1e-6.082p. W.A. de Bruijn & "The 519", 1e-9.542p., 5e-2.627p. 31/10/2020 00:18:43 € 3710.00
LOT 09: NL20-1063637: ** OH SO BEAUTIFULL **, from 'JACQ-JOEY", 2016-2019: 45 prizes, father to: "LENA", 8e NPO Troyes, from "WOUTER" x "TWIPE", direct daughter "VECHTMACHINE" x "NINA BEAUTY 606', super hen direct from the famous "VECHTMACHINE" x "HECATE", 5e NPO Chateauroux 2018, 1e Acep. LD, 3e Gouden Crack, 2e Acep. Total 2016, 23e-20.566p, 15e-10.798p, 24e-3319p, etc. 30/10/2020 23:52:23 € 390.00
LOT 04: NL20-1547121. From "INBRED RED BULLENS", C. & G. Koopman, son "Evaristos", 1e Sector Dax & daughter "Noel & daughter Balotelli" x "HET LAAT BLAUW", gr.mother 3e Nat. Bergerac 24.043p., gr.daughter "Jin Pao", "Miss Narbonne", "Uno", "Het Superscheel", 4 toppigeons !!! 30/10/2020 23:29:16 € 220.00
LOT 12: NL20-1103167: A. Drapa / Eijerkamp from "POKERFACE CLEO", A. Drapa from famous "POKERFACE" x "CLEO", from "CARL", 1e Olympic bird Allround Oostende. Inbred "KONINGSPAAR"! x "17-706", from son x daughter "NIEUWE OLYMPIADE", Leo Heremans 2e Olympic bird Cat. F. Poznan 2011. & topbreeder. 30/10/2020 23:12:21 € 340.00
Bon 28: De Comb. A. & F. v. Pinxteren uit Rosmalen schenkt een jonge duif 2021 in overleg. 30/10/2020 22:52:33 € 40.00

Jacob Poortvliet Auction

The winner of the National Youngsters flight Sector 4 from Chalons de Champagne in 2019 where he took the win against 7,014 pigeons and he was the fastest in the Netherlands against 37,190 pigeons with “Frau Antje”, but also in 2020 he won, also a lot of first prizes / championships and ace pigeons,

Jacob stands of course known for years for his great performances with both young and old, there are also many other fanciers who are very successful with pigeons from Jacob. Now the chance for you to purchase amplification straight from the source.

The first National Ace pigeon Yearlings Allround in Romania, the father was bought on GPS in 2018, a full sister was in the top 10 National over 3 flights over 500 km, you might be the next to succeed with the “Poortvliet” pigeon?

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Totale verkoop Wijlen Piet Mast, Heinenoord

Mr. Piet Mast has played with pigeons all his life and this at a very high level. In the Vitesse / Middle Distance races he was the man to beat in province 5. With a relatively small loft he was at the top of the results every week. His price percentage was always very high, we see pigeons in this great group of performance pigeons having been raced with 80% or several years.

Piet built up his stock with pigeons from W.A. de Bruijn, G. & S. Verkerk, P. v.d Merwe, Comb. de Haan, J. van Boxmeer, etc .. A really great colony that is now being auctioned via GPS Auctions !!!!

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The Gebr. Dekker Auction

Every year we are allowed to organize an auction of the sympathetic Dekker brothers. Year after year they get better and they can no longer be ignored at the national top. In addition, it is also the case that many other fanciers are very successful with pigeons from Frederik and Jan Willem.

See below:
1st Provincial Melun J. Buijze
1st Provincial Orleans Comb. E and M Kint.
1st District East Pt. St. Max M. Oudeman
1st Ace Pigeon CC South Beveland G. J. van de Bosse
4th Nat. Ace Pigeon France 500-750km by R. van Roose.
4th NPO Fontenay-sur-Eure 12,920b. Lorenzo van Russel 19-662 Jouke x Erika
7th Ace Pigeon Golden Rings Club MED Dordrecht Lorenzo van Russel
10th Ace pigeon Prov. Middle Distance Young Comb. Roegiest-Visser

In recent years, the brothers themselves have won on Prov. / NPO Level:
- 7x 1st
- 9x 2nd
- 13x 3rd
- 12x 4th
- 5x 5th
- 7x 6th
- 11x 7th
- 4x 8th
- 8x 9th
- 7x 10th
this against an average of 4,000 pigeons… WHO DOES THIS BETTER? !!. Now the chance to get your hands on something great from these men.

More info:

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Beute & Hansen Part 1 & 2.

This auction start at 21-10 18.00 hour.

Who does not know Gert-Jan and his beloved Petra? Is it not about the performance that has been achieved for years, or about the knowledge of the subject? the pigeon sport… .. many fanciers and abroad let or let his or her pigeons be taken by Gert-Jan in order to make an assessment of the v.d. pigeon.

Due to his many years of experience as a pigeon coach, constant innovation and a search for the very best quality, he also entered the market a few years ago with his well-known pigeon products with which many (known) fanciers achieve great success.

Now in this auction, 27 summer youngsters from the very best are offered in 2 parts, including
2 direct children from perhaps “the” best breeder in the world "DE VECHT MACHINE”. In most pigeons offered we find this super pigeon in the pedigree.

Take a quick look at the quality yourself and you will not only buy good but also super built pigeons that meet all requirements.

Short overview of top performances:
1st NPO Orleans Saran
1st NPO Sezanne
1st NPO Troyes
1st NPO Chateaudun
2nd NPO Chalons & Champagne
2nd NPO Troyes
3rd NPO Chateaudun
3rd NPO Troyes
4th NPO Pithiviers
5th NPO Signy Signitz
5th NPO Chateauroux
5th NPO Rethel
5th NPO Troyes
5th NPO Sens
6th NPO Nanteuil Le H.
7th NPO Mantes La Jolie
8th NPO Troyes
8th NPO Chatearoux
9th NPO Chalons-Champagne
10th NPO Pithiviers

You will find more results with the pigeons for sale under the photo of the pigeon, a list with top 10 quotations to dream of… .. do you want your dreams to come true? Then take your chance here and who knows, you might be the next to succeed with pigeons from Wilhelminaoord.

Part 1:
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Part 2:
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Twan Bongers Auction

We all know Twan as a real marathon man, he won many National and International successes, culminating in the 1st Int. Nat. Perpignan with his well-known “Kimlynn”, who later passed on her qualities in the breeding season.

Now in this auction a number of the very best, including inbreeding to “Kimlynn” from the line of top breeder “Zwart Goud” & “Kleine Jade”, from Jellema gold. For those who want to advance in the pigeon sport, here is the opportunity.


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Rudy v. Reeth “Pitbull” special

Rudy and the name “Pitbull” are one together, anyone who is a little familiar with the name Rudy v. Reeth links this is equal to the top pigeon “Pitbull”, this topper himself won 6x 1st prize… offspring win at least 75x 1st prize and also a number of Ace pigeon titles at national and provincial level.

In this auction we find a number of closely related “Pitbull” pigeons.

Will you be the next to have success with descendants from this great?

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A. u. W. Drapa Auction Part 3

Andreas Drapa, the man behind top pigeons such as the “Pokerface”, “Bolt” and “Sky Fighter” and regular customer at GPS. Every year he brings a collection of pigeons from his very best for sale. Also now the new auction season he brings great descendants on the market again, including children from the earlier mentioned pigeons.

Supplemented with the best lines from Dirk v.d. Bulck and that from children of the “Kittel”, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2013.

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H. & E.J. Eijerkamp

Becoming the best fancier in the Netherlands is for many a dream that never comes true, also for the Eijerkamp family, in addition to all the ace pigeons / olympiad pigeons they own, this was a dream that came true in 2019.
BUT… .. in 2020 they will immediately take it a step further and become number 1 and 2 in the Netherlands.

Something that has never been seen before in the Dutch pigeon sport!
It has been written before and said that the quality in the breeding lofts of Team Eijerkamp is among the best in the world, worldwide top performances are achieved with pigeons from Brummen and in their own loft they have therefore been the best in the Netherlands for 2 years.

Now Hans & Evert Jan and their great team are bringing a select group of summer youngsters that radiates quality. With a.o. a direct child from super racer and breeder: “TURBO ROSSI”, 1st-4483 p, 1st-1953 p, 1st-1832 p, 1st-1191 p, 1st-851 p, (gr) father: 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint WHZB 2019, 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance PIPA 2018, 1st-11,156 p, 1st-8,079 p, 1st-6,400 p, 1st-4,373 p. etc.

In addition to this topper of sales, we also find several (double) grandchildren: “Nieuwe Olympiade”, “Euro”, “Rossi”, “Dion” & “Olympic Leo”… or the best of the Heremans-Ceusters breed.

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The November Diamonds

This auction is full of quality…. we find a number of originals from well-known fanciers such as: Hermans-Hoekstra & Anton Ruitenberg (a.o. from Son “781” x “Inteelt Wondere Dirk”).

Besides these originals there are also a number of inbred youngsters from the best lines of "Olympiade 003" & "Nieuwe Olympiade", Leo Heremans, "De 781" & "Wondere Dirk", Anton Ruitenberg, "Pokerface", Andreas Drapa, and the famous “Harry”, Jan Hooymans and “Rudy”, Gaby Vandenabeele. For the experts among us, further explanation is no longer necessary….

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***Bonnenverkoop t.b.v. Afdeling Oost-Brabant***

In deze verkoop komen bonnen te koop van topliefhebbers van Afdeling Oost-Brabant, die in 2020 zich hebben weten te plaatsen in de Top Vijf in de categorieën midfond, eendaagse fond, marathon (middaglossing en ZLU) en jonge duiven.

U kunt een mooie slag slaan ter versterking van uw eigen kolonie. Tevens steunt u dan het werk van de Commissie Afdelingsconcoursen om mooie wedvluchten in afdelingsverband te organiseren.

Onze dank gaat uit naar alle bonnenschenkers en wij gaan er vanuit dat zij alle mogelijke moeite doen om de kopers tevreden te stellen.

Door de strikte regels aangaande de coronaproblemen kan de geplande Manifestatie Oost-Brabant in Deurne niet doorgaan.
Dat betekent ook dat het geboden bedrag op deze bonnenverkoop bij GPS Auctions het eindbod is.

Er komt dus geen zaalverkoop zoals andere jaren.

Gelieve hiermee rekening te houden!

Namens Commissie Afdelingsconcoursen
Cees Wellens

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Laat uw bonnenverkoop organiseren door GPS-Auctions.

De grootste site ven Nederland.

Dat geeft voor u de meeste bekendheid en daardoor ook de beste opbrengst.

En dat voor maar € 7,50 (excl. BTW) per bon.

Heeft u ook interesse, neem dan kontakt met ons op.

[email protected]
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